Studies & Technical Solutions

Developing World-Class Technical Solutions

Chakar&Partners offers unrivalled experience and expertise to create effective technical solutions.

We assemble the best teams to offer specialist consulting services for each project including high-level process engineering expertise. World-class specialists are on hand to explore and evaluate the technical and financial opportunities for any project. The results speak for themselves. Outstanding solutions that balance innovation, operability, maintainability, operating cost and capital cost.

Our solutions are tailored to our clients’ specific needs, for the right investment to achieve project goals. We match innovation with experience to ensure their project, no matter how ambitious, is achievable and will perform.

We offer services in technical solutions covering the following areas:

  • Management services – covering the full spectrum of the project from design to supervision and management.
  • Desktop and concept studies – to ensure the project we are envisaging will work based on real studies of our clients’ specific project.
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies – including comprehensive feasibility study reporting; our extensive studies ensure our clients have all the information needed to make the right decision.
  • Engineering cost studies – our experts have the experience to know what the real costs will be and how to make the most of our clients’ investment.
  • Enterprise optimization and value improvement – our services include the use of optimization tools and value improvement processes that can add substantially to the bottom line of a project by testing opportunities and threats.

With our global knowledge and expertise, we discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our clients’ proposed project through our comprehensive pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. We discover these by analyzing the surrounding environment, the resources required for the project, their availability and ultimately the prospects of success.

Our pre-feasibility and feasibility studies consider a variety of elements to ensure no stone is left unturned to discover the prospects of success including:

  • historical background of a project
  • development of the technical concepts for the project
  • detailed description of the product or service
  • financial data including account statements
  • details of operation and maintenance
  • policies and legal requirements

For a detailed list of studies we have done please click here.