Project Monitoring

Where you have acquired a full or partial interest in a development that is not under your direct control there will be risks associated with the design, construction and supervision of the project.

To protect your interests, you will need an independent expert to identify and advise on these risks and monitor a developer’s performance.

How we can help

We have an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the development, design and construction process and can provide you with accurate, impartial and concise advice. Our Project Monitoring team can provide an impartial assessment of your project as it progresses – we can be your ‘eyes and ears’ during the whole process.

The benefits to you include enhanced risk, financial, program and quality management. You will have greater protection of your interests and increase the probability that your project will be delivered at the right price and the right time.

We have significant experience in this role and so understand its importance to successful projects. Our Project Monitoring services include:

• feasibility studies
• due diligence
• analyzing developer costs and programs
• evaluating contract conditions and advising on inherent risks
• preparing/executing collateral warranties
• authorizing valuations to facilitate draw-down of funds
• monitoring the whole construction process
• ensuring a structure is built to the necessary standards, statutory requirements and relevant specifications
• reviewing final accounts
• performing completion checks.