Strategy for Sustainability

Strategy for Sustainability

CHAKAR&PARTNERS is committed to sustainability


Chakar&Partners as a business delivered locally, nationally and internationally through its several integrated divisions, is centred broadly on the provision of the built environment for society at large. As such, CHAKAR&PARTNERS and its activities have a significant influence over, and potential impact upon, the economic, environmental and social well-being of the communities in which it operates. By recognising, addressing and embracing these issues as a fundamental part of maintaining a sustainable business today, CHAKAR&PARTNERS is committed to meeting its corporate responsibilities for the sake of future generations.

We can all make a tangible contribution to the delivery of the CHAKAR&PARTNERS corporate responsibility for sustainable development. This strategy document contains both the broad aspirations (aims) and commitments of the organization towards sustainability in our business. It provides a framework within which each of us can identify ways, processes or systems by which we can play our part, no matter which sector or business stream we are engaged in. Recognising the inherent importance of economic, environmental and social sustainability to our business, the

CHAKAR&PARTNERS Board expects each of its businesses to adopt these core aspirations and commitments and to implement them as appropriate to their own operational sector. We will also encourage all our stakeholders, from our own staff to our suppliers and subcontractors, as well as our customers, to respect these ambitions. And we will endeavour to demonstrate to our existing and potential shareholders the value which we place upon sustainable development and our corporate responsibilities.

CHAKAR&PARTNERS is committed to sustainability as part of its overall vision and core values.

Konstantin Chakarovski

Chief Executive Officer

Strategy for sustainability


1. To increase profitability by making more efficient use of resources, including labour, materials, water and energy.

2. To minimise, where we have responsibility or can influence the design on a project, any negative environmental impact of our operations through effective waste management, appropriate choice of materials and careful consideration of design.

3. To provide leadership and raise awareness of sustainability in our workforce, members of our supply chain, our clients and other stakeholders and to encourage participation in meeting our goals.

4. To continue to support local communities through opportunities for employment, interaction with schools, liaison and support for local wellbeing, contributing to local charities and voluntary organisations where appropriate.

5. To continue to develop and train all our employees to raise their aspirations and to meet the future demands of the business and individuals.

6. To achieve greater sustainability year on year. To this end each business unit will develop a strategy setting out objectives and targets against these aims.


Our vision is to be the most highly respected company in the industry by providing our clients with the highest possible quality of service and through sustainable, profitable growth. We will continue to build on our strengths and further develop our areas of expertise for the benefit of all associated with the company and its activities.

We are committed to addressing sustainability through a responsible approach to economic, environmental and social issues.

The establishment and maintenance of management structures within our operating divisions with specific responsibility for the implementation of environ-mental policy

The establishment of targets to measure the continuous improvement in our environmental management systems and performance in key areas, including energy use, water usage and waste regular management reviews of the content and implementation of the environmental policy with the objective of achieving continuous improvement in performance through the adoption of best practice, training and awareness.

The introduction of environmental criteria to assess the commitment to sustainable procurement of our supply chain.

The identification and then strict compliance with the letter and intent of all relevant legal and other requirements

The organisation of our operations in order to minimize pollution and disturbance to our neighbours and the general public

Protection of flora & fauna and their habitats at our offices and depots and on sites where we hold responsibility or can influence those that do

The efficient use of materials and resources with particular regard to the long-term sustainability of consumable items

Minimising the need to travel but where travel is unavoidable, consider the least environmentally damaging solutions

Environmental issues

Chakar&Partners is committed to conducting its business in a manner that is both professional and ethical whilst paying particular attention to its environmental responsibilities.

These responsibilities will be discharged by implementing the following:


We are committed to our environmental policy and improving performance. The policy will be implemented in all that we do via the aims stated in this document. Individual operating companies have appointed directors responsible for the Environmental Policy. These directors monitor implementation and provide regular reports to the Board.

The aims and objectives set out in this policy require full cooperation of our staff, our clients and all those with whom we interact.

Social issues

Our people

In order for our business to be sustainable, Chakar&Partners will continue to attract, develop and retain employees of the caliber to deliver our vision as the most highly respected Company in our market place by:

Being the employer of choice that attracts staff of the highest caliber

Providing training and development to equip all employees to meet the future needs of the business and individuals

Respecting our people and encouraging them to respect others

Celebrating a diverse workforce

Offering equal opportunities to all.

Training & development

Chakar&Partners is committed to investing in the learning and development of all its employees (in accordance with the provisions of the Antidiscrimination Law). It is the policy of the company to provide every employee with learning and development opportunities throughout his/her career to enable him/her to:

Maintain and improve standards of performance in the current role

Deal effectively with any changes in the work environment

Develop capabilities to take advantage of future commercial opportunities

Continue professional development.

CHAKAR&PARTNERS in the community

Chakar&Partners and its companies aspire to build positive relationships within those communities wherever our operations take us.

We will seek to enhance these relationships by learning to understand the needs of these communities supporting projects which increase well-being within the community.

In order to supply its business objectives, we will ensure that its employees develop technically with an understanding of the themes of customer focus, professionalism, safety, results-driven teamwork and continual improvement to ensure CHAKAR&PARTNERS’s future success.

All employees will be given the opportunity to formally discuss their job performance, learning and development needs and career aspirations with their manager on at least an annual basis.


We are committed to ’putting something back’ as part of everything we do. We will:

Create training and job opportunities within those communities where we work

Be a good neighbour and support local charities and initiatives

Encourage wider employee participation

Use our influence to steer change for the better

Encourage and facilitate a positive work-life balance for our people.

1. We will enhance our programme of improvement in occupational health and behavioural issues and continue to deliver health & safety standards that protect all who are engaged in or affected by our work, through a forward-thinking programme of training to achieve required levels of competence and the provision of safe working places.

2. We will build on our recent success in reducing the accident incident rates on our projects ahead of industry benchmark targets.

3. We will enhance our programme of continuous improvement of health, safety & welfare standards as an integral part of the management culture in our staff and throughout our supply chain.

4. We will continue our close working relationships with our supply chain to enable a structured approach towards the delivery of improved health, safety & welfare standards via design, awareness, competence and compliance to legal requirements and industry best practice.

5. We will endeavour to assess and where appropriate join/gain membership of relevant sustainability forums and organisations.

Health, safety & welfare

We will continue to strive to be CHAKAR&PARTNERS that puts the ’health’ back into health & safety and supports its staff with occupational health and lifestyle advice.

Economic issues


Continue to be selective in choice of market and business opportunities

Recognise and manage risk

Work with our supply chain to provide consistent high-quality solutions at affordable cost

Build relationships with clients to maximise project value, minimise cost and seek out repeat opportunities

To further grow the business and continue to add value for our stakeholders

Promote sustainability issues as critical elements in reducing whole-life costs.

Based on our solid business model, we retain our ambition to provide further growth in turnover, profit and earnings/share into the future.

We are committed to conducting an ethical business through transparency, professional corporate governance and socially responsible investment

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest possible quality of service and to delivering sustainable, profitable growth

We are determined to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development to our stakeholders throughout the business.

We are committed to living up to our core values and remaining focused on improvement and delivery as a means of realising our vision:

Commitment to be the most highly respected company in the industry.

CHAKAR&PARTNERS cares about its corporate responsibilities towards society, the environment and the economic sustainability of its business.

We recognize that its short and long-term economic development can and should be achieved only through a responsible approach to social, environmental and ethical issues. CHAKAR&PARTNERS is also aware of the wider impact of its operations on the societies within which it operates.

Therefore, CHAKAR&PARTNERS actively encourages all its employees and supply chain partners to embrace and meet their individual social, environmental and ethical responsibilities while improving their business performance and customer focus.