Land Surveying

We specialize in topographical surveys, boundaries, subdivision design, title and boundary surveys, unit surveys, digitizing, map reproduction and preparation and provide dedicated mapping services.

Our survey team is more than prepared to tackle any challenge. Integrating our newly refined data communications network, high quality instruments, and professional staff, our land survey services can be an efficient solution to every project. If you need a professional land surveyor, then look no further.

In the course of its existence, the company pays special attention to the employment of highly qualified personnel in the field of geodetic sciences. Currently, the company employs masters of technical sciences in the field of geodesy, graduated geodetic engineers as well as technical staff.

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Surveying Instruments:

  • LEICA TCR 1201+R400
  • GNSS Rover LEICA ATX 830
  • LEICA Leveling Instrument – SPRINTER 150m
  • LEICA Leveling Instrument – SPRINTER 100m
  • LEICA TS 09+ – 3″ R500
  • LEICA TS 06+ – 5″ R500
  • LEICA TS 06+ – 3″ R500