Office in Baghdad – Iraq

CHAKAR – PARTNERS is private company founded in 1990 in Skopje, Macedonia. We provide consulting and engineering services in the civil engineering. Throughout the years, we have grown considerably to employ over 50 engineers, overtaken over 200 projects and have expanded to two continents. In 2016 Chakar-Partners opened an office in Baghdad – Iraq, where a major reconstruction efforts have been devoted to the restoration and repair of badly damaged urban infrastructure. Our office in Baghdad is licensed for giving construction, engineering, designing and consultancy services for roads, pipelines….

Main activities of the company are:

  • Construction and Engineering;
  • Design of highways, main roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, gas pipe line, city streets, and parking lots;
  • Design of hydro structures – dam, hydro energy power system, sewage systems, irrigation system, and waste water treatments plants;
  • Cadaster and geodesy;
  • Consultancy activity in the organization of the construction site;


CONTACT Chakar & Partners in Iraq

Karradah Al-Sharkiyeh, Zuwiyeh behind bridge “Al Moulaq’

M/911,Z/59-Apartment 40A/1 floor, Baghdad, Iraq